Honda Super Cub With A New Design


Honda concept model at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015 turns out not only Light Weight Super Sports, Neowing, and EV-Cub. After the release of the official description of the debut trio, Honda also showed new concept designs created model of the legendary, Super Cub, as reported by the Asphalt and Rubber, last week.

Super Cub is the best-selling Honda models, even small models manufactured since 1958, this is the motor harga yamaha mio m3 surabaya with the largest population in the world. In Indonesia pamor Super Cub has not yet faded, the motor that got many variants of this now so perhaps many modifier.

New design Super Cub on the concept model is packed elements to it, one of the modern views on digital indicator panel on the handlebars. There is no technical explanation is a matter of a new design from Honda, but the configuration of the design is created similar to the original version.

Although it looks modern, retro impression remains sticking out of the engine, exhaust, wheel rims, even this concept still use brakes tromol in front and back. Honda is not resolved the question of production plan concept Super Cub, but at least this new design could be inspiration make material modifications to older models.


In India, The Wagon R Disposable Fuel Gas

In India, The Wagon R Disposable Fuel Gas
Distributor of Suzuki in India, Maruti, Suzuki Wagon car officially launching R Special Edition. Carrying the name Wagon R car Advance, diminutive it can now consume fuel gas.

As reported by the Indianautosblog page, Friday (11/9/2015), Suzuki Wagon R Advance comes in two types of engines, namely gasoline engines and gas engines aka compressed natural gas (CNG).

Just as the Wagon R launched in Indonesia, Wagon R Advance type gasoline engine DOHC K10B engine fed still 998 cc three-cylinder 68 hp at 6,200 rpm and torque of 90 Nm at 3,500 rpm.

While the Wagon R Advance CNG, as gas-fueled engine wear, can be ensured moreover dwindled. Sure enough, the machine was only able to spout power 58 hp at 6,200 and 77 Nm of torque at 3,500 rpm.

Then what about the external display? In the land of Hindustan, Suzuki Wagon R Advance appeared with the exact same form both type of gasoline engines and gas engines.

The difference of Wagon R Standard Edition lies in the presence of a minimalist in the body side striping, door handles and rearview mirror similar to the color of the body, and the roof rail on the roof.

In the stern, Wagon R sold in limited quantities had been given spoiler. Unfortunately kaki-kakinya still use the rims of cans without cover so that conjures up the impression of cheap.

Meanwhile, the Interior is not experiencing much change, stick with a wrap of black color. Suzuki only add features power Windows, keyless entry and double din head unit with bluetooth connectivity.

In India, Suzuki Wagon R Advance marketed price of 414.246 rupees or around Rp89 million for petrol engine variants. While the engine type gas pegged more expensive, i.e. 470.601 million rupees or about Rp101.

Because the infrastructure in Indonesia has not been adequate, assured Wagon R-fueled gas will not be marketed in ground water at least in the near future.

Honda Jazz Latest Increasingly Feminine

Honda Jazz Latest Increasingly Feminine
Honda Japan announced it had done a little refreshment (minor change) on the car Honda Fit Honda Jazz aka. Although ubahannya very minimalist, aura hatchback was precisely the more feminine.


As reported by the Indianautosblog page, on Wednesday (23/9/2015), revision of the first minimalist on the Honda Jazz car cb150r streetfire was located in the presence of a new chrome accents around the transverse logo Honda located in the muzzle of the car.

In official broadcasts, Honda calls a minimalist finish was done to strengthen the impression of a three-dimensional solid model of the grille on the wing of his face.

Revision of others can be seen in the presence of light blue accents on the ends in and tip out the main lamp (headlamp). But it is not yet known whether the color was adjusted following the body color or not.

Plaques, Honda rims also changed the Jazz with a model similar to the blades of the fan as it is mounted on a Honda Mobilio RS. The difference, in Jazz seem more design meeting.

While in car comfort features, sector competitors Toyota Yaris that gets additional features automatic temperature regulator, Plasmacluster AIR CONDITIONING, digital television, heated mirrors and a wide angle camera (wide angle) at the back for parking.

However, the revision of the given manufacturer having the symbol H erect it not to touch the machine. Honda Jazz cars still comes with a choice of engine of 1,300 cc and 1,500 cc I-VTEC with a choice of five manual transmission CVT matik and acceleration.

In Japan, the feminine version of the Honda Jazz was sold 1.29 million start-2.22 million yen or about Rp156 million to Rp266 million.

Japan Had A ‘ Jap Style ‘, Indonesia Should There Be ‘ Indo ‘ Style

Japan Had A ‘ Jap Style ‘, Indonesia Should There Be ‘ Indo ‘ Style
Style mods scattered in Indonesia. The choice came from various countries, primarily from Japan, America, to Europe or the United Kingdom in particular. For artist Tora Sudiro, style the most modifications he favoritkan is a Jap Style or style that is synonymous with Japan.

“If I liked Japan. Jap Style. Modifikator Japan it if you think I am beyond. If America, if in harga honda vario 125 esp terbaru my opinion Yes, wants a big-big. Motor digede-gedin, machine digede-gedin, a car’s engine was placed on a motorcycle, “says brand ambassador Suryanation Motorland.

For him, style modification in Japan tend to be fresh. There are rendered, such as a motorcycle tank model is not always the big question.

“If Japan, that the longer the tangkinya getting smaller. If he’s more art if I say. More to the art. Ngelihatnya are also tired of baseball, “said born in 1973.

Unfortunately, she stressed that Indonesia does not have an identical style as well as Japan. This is realized with a central fact that motor modifications in Indonesia is not a little.

“Indonesian style we Nah there’s actually. There has never been that I see we have a color of its own. Should it be hell there. That time I never chat-chat the same Mas Lulut if baseball is wrong. Should we have our own style. So people told Indonesian style or Indo-aryan style or what. ”

At the prompt try analyzing reserved that possibility, Tora mentions that there is a bit of a plural and typical style in Indonesia, such as motor-motor sport who made such a slender stones.

“Perhaps the thin-thin times Yes we (motor model modifkasinya). Because it got jammed right us. So their handlebars keciiil. The times, “he joked.

Yamaha Vixion The Captain America

Marvel figure arguably is a timeless icon by the times. Over the decades, comic character who was also appointed to the big screen from this creative industry always had fans. One of them realized in Yamaha Vixion Captain America.

Motorcycle naked in this 150 cc class also became a burly figure like the captain. Apparently, the change was supported through the selection of the bodywork is still a family, by imitating the racing motor M1.

“Body back, I take the body of the M1. Headlamps, lamp shells, I take kawinannya R25. M1 model harga honda vario 110 bekas tangkinya condoms, “said Tine or Pakde Mas, about motor plots he post on the ARM in the modification number outlets Pulogadung, East Jakarta.

Not just from the organ Yamaha Vixion, also plastered sepatbor Ninja 250. Then, to prop up an already hefty body, the legs of any customized with replacement shock until the ban is more bongsor.

“Sepatbor took from the model of the Ninja 250. My rims gedein, size 4.5 inches wide. Bannya I size 150 brand Batlax. Front shock, just replace my blown. U.s. front rear I wear Black Diamond, “urainya.

AHM Launches a more Viscous Lubricants

PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) launching the latest lubricants for motorcycle Honda, AHM Oil MPX 3. The addition of this new variant provides another choice of lubricant to the consumer to support and care for the performance of Honda motorcycles.

AHM Oil MPX 3 is an alternative lubricant viscosity level machine with high, high viscosity 20W – 40. The presence of this complement type lubricant for harga yamaha soul gt 125 2015 sports duck and type, i.e. MPX 1 and level 1 with SPX the best viscosity 10W -30. While Dodge, type AHM provides a lubricant MPX 2 and level 2 with SPX viscosity 10W -30.

This newest type developed specially by AHM AHM the best technology with Oil, i.e. the Engine Protection Technology range of Honda Smartfim, Honda Visco Improver, Anti Oxidant, Honda and Honda Cleansing Agent. All of the content that is claimed to make the more durable high performance engine.

Another technology is Honda Cleansing Agent, cleanse and dissolve the crust on machinery and technology gap Honda Smart Film. All of that combined technology protecting metal surface on the engine as well as maintaining the stability of the friction between the components inside the machine.

Honda Anti Oxidant, able to protect the metal surface of the engine from corrosion caused by the oxidation process so that it can extend the life of the engine components and minimize maintenance costs of spare parts motorcycle engines.

Honda Visco Improver, improving the stability and resilience of lubricants to changes of temperature. The technology provides convenience to turn on a motorcycle at the time of the engine in cold conditions and prevent evaporation at high temperature.

AHM Oil MPX 3 marketed with two options, namely packaging, 800 ml with the highest retail price (HET) Jakarta Rp 31,000 and packaging 1 liter with HET Jakarta Rp 35,000.

Look Ducati Monster

monster 1200
After just give a teaser, Ducati finally shows the appearance of the Monster 1200 R the latest, in conjunction with the Volkswagen Group Night in Frankfurt, Germany. This is a naked motorcycle (naked bike) the strongest ever produced that Italy brand.

As it was already leaked, engine type Testastretta 11 ° DS L-Twin 1.198 cc capacity that is capable harga honda vario 150 2015 of producing 160 horsepower tk @ 9250 rpm. The power that supported tubular frame lighter trelis and succinct, which reportedly also used Panigale 1198.

Support order it anyway that makes motorcycle capable of nimble digeber in the circuit, such as the Ducati promised earlier. The stability of the supported front suspension Ohlins rear that can be set.

The most complete electronic devices, including traction control, ABS, a three-mode drive system, Ride by Wire, and indicator panel TFT. Tergbung security devices in Ducati Safety Pack consisting of the race braking system and ABS.

Visually, the fleeting look the same with a sexy tank. But if observed detail, the rear end got a revision. Memorable jams more aggressively, this new design also improves performance in terms of aerodynamics.

The original would look really shown beginning today, Tuesday (17/9/2015), the Audi booth in Internationale Automobilausstellung (IAA) in Frankfurt.